What is Kougom?

Kougom is a first-year camp that is hosted yearly by the Student Church of the University of the Free State. This camp is for first years from all over South Africa that are about to embark on their studying journey within the Free state (the academic institution at which they are studying does not matter).

The first year’s camp is Christian based, and is held at the beginning of the year right before the most Universities starts. The main goal of the camp is to help students start the year off by anchoring them in realising where their strength lies for the road ahead. It also acts as a base of support for the first years, where they are able to meet new people in a time period of a lot of uncertainty; making them more comfortable and excited going into the new life phase.

The vision of the camp is to create a safe space for incoming students and building relationships. Furthermore we want to equip students to survive first year in a new multi cultural environment. The camp also strives to provide a sense of community in the church, where they know they will always be welcome.

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Our objectives?

A first years camp that :

  • focuses on being multi-cultural
  • give students a platform
  • build community and friendships
  • creates a safe space for students

Is Kougom an initiation camp?

Not at all. Kougom is a place where we provide the first years with an opportunity to meet other first years that are in the same position as them, as well as the opportunity to meet older students who can become mentors, friends or a support system for them. All individuals attending the camp, including all the first years and the team members, are seen as one community, where everyone is seen on the same level.

Who can go to Kougom?

All first years are welcome at the camp. Any first years are welcome, irrespective of age, language or race. You don’t even have to study at the University of the Free State to attend the camp, all first years are welcome!

What is the price of Kougom?

The preliminary amount for the is current R950-00, which includes accommodation, three meals a day, as well as other surprises (and an amazing experience).

When is Kougom?

Kougom is from the 12th to the 16th of January 2020, which is convenient as this is right before all of the activities of the Universities start.