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Spiritual leaders

Chris de Vries
Chris de VriesReverend
Marius Louw
Marius LouwReverend

2020 Committee

Susan van Zyl
Susan van ZylChair Person
Kougom is an ordinary camp promising an extraordinary experience. It gives you the opportunity to get comfortable in uncomfortable environments.
Ingrid Kassier
Ingrid KassierCircle Leader
A life in Christ is a life in community; Kougom is the start of that community. Kougom Kamp is where you get to meet so many new people that will make you feel totally at home when you walk on campus ( even if it is only the 2nd time you see them). It is a camp that is filled with an enormous amount of fun and heartfelt devotion. Every single team member that forms part of this camp is there to serve – we are not there for ourselves but for others.
It is with such a mindset that Kougom has such a special place in my heart. Because I know that God’s hand is upon this camp
Mariza Koekemoer
Mariza KoekemoerFood Team Leader
Kougom bied vir my die geleentheid om my jaar op `n goeie noot te begin, met my geloof as fondasie; en vriende, wat familie word, aan my kant. My Kougom-familie dien as my steunpilare om al die onverdraagbaarhede, wat die nuwe jaar bring, te demp. Kougom is daardie laaste hupstoot wat mens nodig het voor die jaar begin. Die kamp herlaai elke kougommer met moed vir die nuwe jaar en gee ons die nodige krag om alles wat na ons kant toe kom, vreesloos, aan te pak. Kougomvoete hou my op die grond!
Lunay Saayman
Lunay SaaymanSecretary
Kougom is vir my `n plek van samesyn waar opregtheid van mense ten toon gestel word- dis `n ervaring van meer as net gees en geluk, maar ook God se teenwoordigheid en Sy hand in jóú lewe.
Francois Viljoen
Francois ViljoenFood Team Leader
What kougom means to me – Kougom is the most fun and enjoyable way to start your university year. It provides you with the necessary tools to tackle the year that lay ahead, a specially as a first year. It is a great way to meet new people from around the country and form friendships that’ll last a lifetime.
Sybrand van Sittert
Sybrand van SittertVice Chair Person
Kougom is the launch pad of greatness
Heidi Gouws
Heidi GouwsMedia & Marketing
Kougom is a place where you are truly able to be yourself and find yourself, it is a place where you are surrounded with multiple personalities that changes your life, in a way that is unexplainable. Kougom to me, is a community in Christ.
Thomas Conradie
Thomas ConradieMusic and Spiritual
Kougom is a place where everyone feels at home. Where we get our energy and faith kick-started for the year ahead
Stoffel Forster
Stoffel ForsterFinances
Kougom to me is not just a chance to make new friends and build on existing friendships, but a chance every year to center myself before the chaos of university begins again, whilst spending time in and around God. Summarized, it’s where I build the foundation for how I’m going to approach the year ahead.
JC Breedt
JC BreedtCircle Leader
Kougom is the place where you are able to find your people.